Post Training Recovery Guide

It is important to maintain a recovery plan to follow after your exhaustive workout and training sessions. We need to find methods of relaxation in order to build energy for our future training. If you constantly workout without taking out time for relaxing your muscles and body, your body might be overworked which may lead to poor performance in the future and would increase the risk of injuries.

People usually consider recovery and rest as the same thing but in reality, they both have a slight difference in their meanings. Rest can be considered to be a part of recovery. It is a step towards recovery. Active recovery, however, is a process of enhancing muscle movement through various exercises, such as normal stretching exercise, yoga and hiking, which are less exhausting as compared to workouts

Another way of relaxation and recovery after constant training is through cold therapy in which you apply ice to your body to soothe your muscles through the numbness. Although with the usage of a pain reliever, you can get rid of the numbness while taking full advantage of the ice therapy. The pain reliever will reduce all your pain and help you keep moving towards your recovery. This therapy is called Cryotherapy.

Your recovery plan may also include massage, spa and stretching. Massage can be done using a proper foam roller. You can either select a long foam roller of 36 inches or a short one of 12 inches, either way, you can apply it on your arms and shoulders to relax. In order to receive a self-massage, you can also add foam wrap to it through which you can decide when to apply high pressure and when to lower the pressure.

TheraBand Massager is a hand roller which you can use for your muscles to minimize soreness and stiffness. You can apply it to specific muscles such as the quads which might not be possible by using the foam roller.  

Spa is another effective way of recovery. You may visit a salon for it or buy spa products. Spending time in a hot tub has a hypothermic effect on your body, it levels your body temperature. It also improves your blood circulation as well as metabolic rate. If you don’t want to have a home spa arrangement, you can go to an outdoor spa for which you will need to take out time from your schedules. It is important to spend almost 30 minutes on spa for relaxation. You can take advantage of Perth Spas on Sale.

Muscle and body relaxation are necessities that shouldn’t be ignored. A full recovery plan should be maintained along with having a perfect diet plan such as absorbing the necessary proteins for the rebuilding and repair of muscles and the replenishment of glycogen. You need to take out time in order to clear your mind away from the worldly worries and focus on your health.